Hi, We’re Illumi

Hi, we’re illumi. “…and what is illumi?”, you may ask, quite reasonably. Simply put, we are the home of standout, content-led virtual experiences. Think of illumi as the lovechild of amazing content plus events expertise, with exciting emerging and under-represented talent as godparents.

Death by PowerPoint is over. Zoom is tired. All-hands emails are so last century. Webinars are on the wane. But virtual meetings and experiences are here to stay—and your audience deserves something stellar.

Enter illumi, stage-left. We take our extensive experience in events, digital, broadcast and technical delivery (award-winning experiential event agency WLLX is our parent company), and combine it with our bright ideas and sparkling content from our growing family of talented co-creators. The big finale is memorable and impactful virtual experiences that will have your audience craving more. Prepare for rave reviews.

From off-the-shelf formats to fully bespoke productions, from 10 participants to 10,000, on your platform or ours, illumi delivers a truly global, connected experience across time zones that feels like a natural extension of your brand.

Explore our offers across culture, entertainment, team building and wellbeing to discover some of the emerging and under-represented talent from around the world who are ready to co-create something spectacular with you and us. It’s going to be luminous.


Captivate your audience through storytelling and talks, bespoke acts, craft workshops, arts and cultural exchanges. When you co-create with illumi and our global pool of cultural stars, you invite your audience into new, immersive worlds—from right where they are.

Your culture fix awaits.


Shake things up with irresistible performances, games, comic relief and the right kind of drama! Our seasoned hosts bring the vibe, while the latest app technology elevates our stand-out show formats to enjoy-anywhere participative experiences.

Game on!


Power up your team and help them shine with illumi’s expertly-crafted workshops and bespoke coaching. We collaborate with diverse and accomplished experts to deliver engaging and value-rich sessions on growth and development, mentoring, business culture, diversity and inclusion—and a whole lot more.

Let’s make a dream team.


Turn this people priority into fresh and accessible wellness experiences with bags of appeal. Whether your audience is craving calm or crying out for a kickstart, our talented wellness gurus are limbered up and ready, with a range of exercise, wellness and mental health sessions that are welcoming, restorative and right for your brand.

Ready to find your kind of balance?

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