A celebration of diversity, a picture of unity.

Team Participation

Audience Size: Unlimited

Platform: Zoom and other online meeting platforms

Time: 120 mins

Stlye: Show / Participation

Event Kit: Some A4 paper, pens and pencils or bespoke kit can be provided.

Create a self portrait of the whole team that celebrates the unique talents, aspirations and energy of the individuals within it – no artistic skill required, just an interest in your colleagues!

Everyone will draw one other person in the team, but first they need to find out more about them – their likes, dislikes, favourite places, hidden talents, team superpowers and other gems – through a series of fun activities designed to raise a smile and encourage chat, connection and perhaps new discoveries about each other.

Pairs then rejoin the group to start their portrait with our resident artist Kim Alexander. Kim will provide visual examples, creative suggestions and enthusiastic encouragement as to how to bring those attributes to life through words and drawing. You’ll consider different approaches to portraiture, expanding out from more than just a physical representation!

Materials can be stipulated pre-session so that the outcome will have
some unity (e.g. felt pens only, paper collage, black and white pencil drawings, watercolour or acrylic paint only etc).

At the end of the session all of the individual portraits are shared and celebrated before images are submitted and edited into a single piece of branded art post-event.

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