Everyone has a story – what’s yours?

Team Participation

Audience Size: 5 – 25

Participation : Zoom and other online meeting platforms

Time: 90-120 mins

Stlye: Workshop

Event Kit: Some A4 paper, pens and pencils or bespoke kit can be provided.

Stories help us understand each other and they join us together. But what makes a good story? Explore the diverse characters and vision of your team as you collaborate to bring your unique story to life. Led by expert animator and artist Kim Alexander you will collaborate to devise and visualise your team story around a specific theme.

A raucous page turner? A comic novel? Or perhaps a children’s storybook? You decide as you participate in creative games to brainstorm your ideas, drawing out the themes and defining your characters to map out your narrative. Using examples of different visual styles of famous illustrators for inspiration you’ll learn how to combine text and image to bring your story to life.

Having discussed the story arc as a group and agreed on characters, the story is then divided up into segments/ chapters that you can embellish and then illustrate in small group break out rooms.

Return to the big group and listen to the story unfold page by page as you each share your creations. Finally, decide on a title as a team and use the Zoom Whiteboard to create front and back covers for your book.

Teams scan or photograph their artwork and submit it for editing post- event. The final story is professionally into an emailable PDF, which could also be printed as a keepsake.

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